Benefits of US Green Card

green card

Green card, also known as permanent residency, is a dream for every newcomer in the US. Both green card and US citizenship allow a person to permanently live in the US under the US immigration laws. However, the green card is subject to certain conditions of deport ability while citizenship is not. Therefore, it is the highest status granted to a person under the country’s immigration laws.

Benefits of US Green Card

This might not mean that having a US green card isn’t beneficial at all rather there are a number of advantages of getting a US green card. This is the reason that many newcomers in the US apply for green cards as soon as they become eligible for applying for it. Here are few benefits of green cards that will certainly convince you to apply for one:

  1. Permanent Freedom to Work and Live

Any US green card holder can simply work in any kind of organization or sector one wants. In fact, it also allows them to work in government jobs. Although fewer levels of security clearances can be achieved by them but they virtually can apply for any job they like for example they can be anything from a chef to a doctor. Thus, the green card allows them to make the US their permanent home and place of residence they don’t have the fear of violating visa laws by staying beyond a specified time.

  1. Freedom of movement.

When you get hold of your green card then you have an additional benefit of going outside the country and returning freely. This freedom of movement is also applicable within the country that is you can travel to any part of the US without having to take any additional steps. However, if you intend to visit a foreign country for more than six months, then it is advisable to take additional steps.

  1. Sponsoring Relatives

The benefits of owning a green card are not limited to yourself only but can also benefit your relatives greatly because you can sponsor them. This means you can unite your family in the land of opportunities and help them seek rights to live and work there just like you.

  1. Seeking US citizenship.

After obtaining the green card for five years you become eligible for applying for US citizenship which allows you to vote and contest in elections.

  1. Legal rights

Having a green card makes you eligible for various state benefits like research grants and insurances etc. In addition to this, right to buy property like cars or houses is also allowed as well as financing for such activities.

  1. Permanent status

A green card gives you permanent status which needs to be renewed after every ten years, unlike other nonimmigrant visas which give you specific rights for a specific limited time period.


Thus, having a green card has a lot of benefits that can help make your life in the US easier so you definitely need to apply for it as soon as possible.

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