Eligibility for Green Card Lottery

greencard_lottery_gam_u.s is a system under the visa program in the United States which allows permanent residency to eligible people through a lottery. It has a set of criteria for eligibility which determine whether a person is suitable to receive a green card or not. Here are few eligibility criteria outlined for newcomers in the US to know if they are eligible or not:

  1. Geographical Eligibility

These diversity immigrant visas are allotted to six different regions depending on the least number of immigrants from that region. People from those countries which send more than 50000 immigrants in the previous five years are not allowed to participate in the green card lottery. Under this program, no single country can receive more than 7% of the visas in the green card lottery. Mostly the diverse visas are granted to European and African countries.

  1. Qualifying Education or Work Experience

The qualifying education to be able to participate in the green card lottery is either high school that is 12 years of education or equivalent to it. Only formal courses of studies are considered so diploma courses do not make you eligible. Furthermore, as long as your degree is equivalent to high school in the US it doesn’t matter whether you complete it in more than or less than 12 years. In addition to education, the work criterion is two years experience in a specified occupation. If you work in an occupation other than the specified ones then you might not be suitable for participating in a green card lottery.

  1.    Person living in the US

It does not matter if a person is already living in the US under some other category that person can apply for green card lottery as long as all the eligibility criteria are met.

  1. Separate Applications for both people in a married coupleebate2

Both the husband and wife need to file their separate applications to participate in the lottery only if they pass all eligibility conditions. If one of them gets a green card, the second gets a derivative status.

  1. No Minimum Age

There is no minimum age at which you can apply for a US Green Card Lottery but the conditions of education or work make it almost impossible to qualify people under 18 to participate in it. Thus, chances are that you are only eligible for a green card lottery as long as you are older than 18 despite the fact that there is no minimum specified age.

  1. Other Criteria

In order to be eligible for this lottery you need to have a clear past criminal record, be able to support yourself and your family, be mentally healthy and not be a threat to the national interests of the country. This means you don’t have to know or speak English, have relatives in the US, have a job offer in the country or any specific amount of money.


Thus, it is not difficult to be part of this diverse visa program which can help you get permanent status and offer a lot of other benefits.

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