Eligibility for J1 Visa

doctors12A J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which is granted to research scholars, professors and exchange visitors for the sake of promotion of cultural and educational exchange. This can help them receive training from the US. They need to meet the eligibility criteria for J1 visa. The different criteria that make you eligible for a J1 visa include:

  1. Insurance

Participants and their dependents which include spouses or unmarried children up to the age of 21 years need to carry medical insurance that meets the requirements of the visa. The sponsors need to ensure that all participants are covered by a medical insurance that meets the requirement and are responsible for payment of the insurance for participants who don’t own coverage or their coverage doesn’t meet the requirements of the visa program. Failure to do so might result in denial of J1 visa or termination from the program.

  1. English Language Proficiency

All the participants should be proficient and fluent in the English language to be able to prove their eligibility for such programs. This is important because a language barrier can act as a negative force towards cultural exchange and fruitful training.

  1. Pre-Arrival Information

There is some prerequisite information that needs to be known by the participants of the program. Unawareness to this information can lead to unwanted consequences that can be avoided by ensuring that participants acquire fruitful required information before they depart from their home countries for the United States of America. The sponsors are responsible for informing the participants about relevant required information regarding the program. They need to be informed about any contractual obligation required for the program on behalf of the participants.

  1. Orientations

In addition to this, sponsors are also granted the responsibility of offering appropriate orientation for the participants. The orientation needs to involve relevant information regarding the locality, state and the country. The orientation also needs to cover the dependents of the participants of the program so they are more likely to be acquainted with the laws and regulations of the state. This will avoid any kind of future problems or concerns. The participants and their dependents will be well aware of their rights and responsibilities which will reduce chances of confusions.

  1. Monitoring

Apart from ensuring medical coverage, providing relevant information and offering orientations, the sponsors are also entrusted with another very important responsibility. This responsibility involves monitoring the progress of participants to check whether they are working for the program they have arrived for or not. In addition to this, they also have to monitor the activities of the participants as well to ensure they are not involved in any kind of suspicious activities. They also have an obligation to make the participants provide their current address as well as a contact number that is accessible whenever needed.


Thus, the sponsors have a great responsibility on their shoulders to gather all kinds of information about the participants of the program. This ensures that the cultural and educational exchange is safe and in the interest of both the nations.

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