Reasons a US Visit Visa Can Be Denied

visaA visa is an endorsement on your passport that allows you to enter and stay in a country for a specified period. The visitor cannot live beyond the period of expiry of the visa without getting an extension. In the US the visit visa is given for a period of 6 months which can be extended up to one year. If a person continues to live after the passing of one year then he is prone to serious consequences. Being a newcomer in the US, you might know that getting a US visa is not an easy job for many nationals. If you want to make sure your visitors’ tourist visa never gets denied then you need to tell them to avoid that can lead to denial. If you don’t know the reasons behind denial of a visit visa, then you can know about them over here:

  1. Non-Immigrant Intent

Your visitors need to prove to the authorities that their trip is simply for the sake of pleasure or medical treatment and they intend not to work or live here for long-term. In addition to this, they also need to prove they have enough expenses to cover their entire trip so they don’t have to work here. They also need to prove their ties in the home country as well as ownership of property anywhere other than the US to show their intention of returning within the specified period. They need to show their return tickets, property documents, and other such written proof to show their non-immigration intent.

  1. Denials due to Fraud

If a person tries to lie to the embassy for the provision of US visa this is considered fraud and is one of the main reasons a person can be denied a visa. Fraud can also be in the form of fake papers that are submitted to the embassy depicting a clear past record. If a fraud is detected in past records for visa approval even then the visa is not granted to that person.

  1. Denials based on Criminal Records

Your visitors will be denied a visa if they have past criminal records of espionage, links with terrorist activities or hijacking. Not every crime is considered sound enough to become a reason for denial of a visa for example if your guest regularly violates traffic laws, then this might in no way affect his visa approval but many other crimes can.

  1. Violation of Past Immigrationebate 1

If in your guest’s previous stay, the laws of the authorities were violated in any way then this may lead to a denial. This may include overstaying, working on a visit visa or any other violation which may make it quite difficult for you to convince the authorities that you might not repeat the same mistake again. If your stay added up to 180 days in excess, then you are automatically barred from entry for 3 years.

  1. Other Reasons

This may include being a victim of an illness that has great public significance, being drugs addict or if your guest has already been deported from the US in the past.

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