What Are The 10 Best Websites In The USA?

watching newsAccording to ranking, the top ten websites in the US include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Amazon, eBay, Tumblr, Craigslist and ESPN. The rise in views on these websites has greatly increased due to the advancement in technology such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.


1)     Facebook


Facebook is the most visited site in the United States. Viewers spend more time on this website than any other. Around 80% of social media users spend time on Facebook instead of other platforms. Facebook has made large advancements by making it easily accessible by mobile devices. Smartphones in particular help raise the amount of time spent on this website. While some users of Facebook in America say that they are able to leave Facebook behind, it is typically only for a short period of time. Some take several days to several weeks off this social media platform, but return to join the millions of other daily users. Last year, Facebook estimated 150 million visitors by desktop and 97 million by mobile devices.


2)     Google


Google is the owner of YouTube, which is the world’s most frequented video site. Over 180 billion videos were available on YouTube in 2012 and the numbers keep growing. Google keeps advancing its options by incorporating other sites such as YouTube but does not fail to be the largest search engine in the world. More than 65% of all searches made on the Internet were conducted through Google in 2012, and more than 60% in the year prior (2012). It is common for anyone with a question or requiring information to go “let’s Google that.” Google currently has over 190 million visitors through desktop and over 113 million visitors through mobile devices.


3)     Yahoo!


Despite Google and Facebook taking a lot of the advertising and attention from Yahoo, it still remains of the most visited websites in the US. Yahoo has undergone a make over and has made its website more modern and personable. The site now has a more personalized flair since it creates real time news feeds that are directly related to the visitor’s searches and even that of their peers. It has also started to incorporate mobile device functions, which will help it keep up with its competitors. Yahoo currently has more than 185 million visitors via desktop and over 92 million visitors via mobile devices.


4)     Microsoft


Microsoft has several popular websites under its belt, which include Hotmail, MSN and Bing. Bing is the second runner up to Google as the most used search engine on the web. Microsoft was able to successfully incorporate itself into the mobile age by creating a Windows Surface Tablet. While the future of Microsoft is uncertain, the gradual growth and its placement in our list allow us to believe that it will withstand the advances being made on the web. Microsoft has over 170 million visitors that use desktop and over 55 million visitors that use mobile devices.


5)     AOL


AOL use to be known as a Internal dial-up service but it has undergone a revamp and turned itself into a media corporation. The most popular site that belongs to AOL is The Huffington Post, which delivers news to millions of viewers around the world since its launch in 2011. Recently, The Huffington Post advanced to include videos in its resources, which has helped it keep up the pace with other news platforms. HuffPost Live launched in mid 2012 and features streaming options for news, which has helped to keep users returning to the website.  A unique feature on HuffPost Live has kept a loyal audience by allowing viewers to engage in conversations through webcam. AOL has over 117 million visitors via desktop and over 62 million visitors via mobile devices.


6)     Amazon


Amazon.com is a huge shopping platform that allows users from all over the world to engage in an easy online shopping experience. Sales on Amazon are increasing significantly and the shopping options keep expanding. Amazon has kept up with its competitors such as Netflix and Hulu by providing its own video service. The video streaming option on Amazon allows users to stream TV shows and movies. The list of TV shows available on Amazon keeps growing and is said to incorporate many more unique options in the near future. The site has also adapted to mobile devices, where a lot of sales are now made. There are over 128 million visitors to Amazon through desktop and over 80 million visitors through mobile devices.


7)     eBay


EBay is a commonly known word for anyone that uses the Internet, especially those that are into online shopping. EBay is also the owner of PayPal, which is the most widely used payment option on the Internet. Ebay has expanded to mobile devices as well and a lot of searches and purchases are made directly through mobile devices. The company is trying to expand by allowing its service to be easily accessible on tablets as well, since it appears that more and more people are using tablets and smartphones for purchasing online instead of desktop options. EBay currently has over 70 million visitors through desktop and over 39 million through mobile devices.


8)     Tumblr


Many Americans, and people all over the world, spend a significant time on Tumblr. It draws the most consistent time spent by users aside from Facebook on social media platforms. Tumblr only started to gain popularity in late 2012 but continues to grow. It is especially used by those ages 25 and younger. The site is well loved by those that enjoy sharing and viewing pictures of fashion, humor and many other niches.


9)     Craigslist


Craigslist claims to have over 50 billion views per month. Many individuals spend a lot of time browsing Craigslist looking for all kinds of items, job opportunities, rentals and personal ads. It has begun to incorporate features that make mobile viewing more accessible, such as map viewing, but has yet to come out with a mobile application.




Americans love to view ESPN for their daily dose of sports. All things related to sports draw viewers to this site, and have for years. In 2013, ESPN launched a mobile device option, which has caused views to rise considerably. There are over 13 varieties of ESPN apps, with focuses on different sports and criteria.

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