High Technology You Will See In The USA

High Technology You Will See In The USA America is full of interesting gadget and technology, with new devices and high tech appliances making their way into daily lives on a regular basis. This article highlights the top ten gadgets of 2013 in the USA. The ranking was determined by Time Magazine and outlines the ten most high tech gadgets that made their way into daily lives of Americans last year.


1)     Google Chromecast


Google Chromecast makes it easy to watch any of your favorite entertainment on your High Definition TV, such as movies, music, TV programs and more. It allows viewers to watch videos directly from YouTube, Google Play Movies, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Chrome Internet browser. Chromecast can be used with Android tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, as well as Chrome for Windows and Mac. Viewers can choose what they would like to watch, can control various options such as playback and change volume settings directly off their device. Chromecast is simple to use and only requires plugging the device into your television, connecting it with WiFi and controlling the videos through whichever device you choose.


2)     iPads


New iPads seem like they are appearing on the market all the time, with the latest advancement being the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Whether you are looking for a large screen, a smaller one or a lightweight option, iPads are taking America by storm. They are great for all types of users, ranging from businessmen to children. The iPad can be filled with a variety of apps, with over 475,000 to choose from and the number keeps growing. It is one of the best tablets on the market and comes with different options to best suit your needs.


3)     Oculus Rift Development Kit


Imagine strapping on a headset that allows you to enter a virtual reality and enjoy games in action. Well, there is no need to imagine anymore with the Oculus Rift. The game developer option is currently the only one available on the market, though game fanatics have already made the $300 purchase since they cannot wait for the consumer release in 2014. The consumer release of Rift will allow users to enter 3D worlds through the use of an Android device or computer. It offers an entirely new way of gaming and will make a huge shift in gaming technology.


4)     Pebble Smartwatch


No one knows if Smartwatches will end up being competitors with tablets or smartphones as of yet, but one thing is certain, these devices do not let its purchasers down. The watch works as a satellite for Androids and iPhones, which allow its wearers to receive bits of information such as text messages and other notifications through its Bluetooth function. Much like the Kindle, the text is displayed by using E Ink. There are developers that create programs, which run on these watches that allow wearers to play games, record fitness information and do so much more than tell time.


5)     Apple iPhone


Apple seems to always be coming out with a new addition of the iPhone family. The latest member, iPhone 5S, promises to deliver much more than its predecessors. It will include a Touch ID sensor that allows its user to unlock the phone simply by touching the screen with their thumb or finger. The camera will come with a dual-LED flash function that makes it ideal for customized lighting and allows a wide selection of photo snapping options.


6)     Microsoft Xbox One


300 x 250 Lost Stolen PassportMicrosoft’s Xbox One is one of the most wanted game consoles on the market. However, it can do so much more than play games. The Xbox One features seamless integration between TV boxes such as satellite and cable varieties, built-in call functions through Skype and the interface of Windows 8. It can be looked at as a PC for the living area. It also features an advanced Kinect sensor, which allows users to speak directly to the device. It even has the ability to distinguish users and gage one’s heart rate.


7)     Amazon Kindle Fire HDX


The third-generation of Amazon Kindle’s Fire tablets is the Kindle Fire HDX. There are currently two models available, a 7-inch and 8.9-inch version. These handy devices make it easy to read your favorite books, browse the Internet, plays games, watch movies and videos, listen to music and much more. It allows its users to take advantage of all that Amazon has to offer. There is even a unique function known as “Mayday” that allows users to receive instant, real time help from a representative of Amazon, who basically takes over your tablet by appearing on the screen and begins solving your problems.


8)     Nest Protect


Nest Labs is well known in the US for making typical household items a lot more exciting and advanced. The newest product from Nest Labs is its Nest Protect, which is a carbon monoxide and smoke detector. Instead of creating the ear-piercing noises that typically come from a smoke detector, Nest Protect uses the voice of a woman to project useful information such as “there is carbon monoxide in the living room.” If the alert is for a false reason, such as a smoky barbeque, it is simple to shut off the alert by waving your arm.


9)  Leap Motion Controller


Leap Motion Controller is a USB device that allows you to control and perform a variety of tasks by using only your hands. It can be used on both Mac and Windows devices by plugging it in and allowing it to rest on a last area. Users can use their hands to read articles on the computer, by waving to move to go to the next page, or play games without requiring a mouse and keyboard. It can register the direction that your palms and facing and the number of fingers that you are extending. It is soon going to be incorporated into laptop devices as well, such as with the HP’s Envy17 Leap Motion SE.


10) Nokia Lumia 1020


Despite all current mobile phones having usable camera functions, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the latest and greatest. It features 41mp resolution and can take the best pictures to ever come off of a phone Zooming in doesn’t make the picture grainy and it is quickly becoming a favorite for photo fanatics.

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