How To Improve Your English

Improving your English is necessary for a variety of reasons, whether it is to advance your studies, job opportunities or social aspects of your life. The vital skills for improving English are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

If you can develop all of these skills to your best ability then you are sure to excel in many areas of your life. English is the widely used around the world and is the primary language to know for communication in many aspects. Not knowing how to communicate effectively in English can have major drawbacks to your advancements in life.

Let’s take a look at some useful tips that can help you improve your English skills!

Chatting with native English Speakers

Chatting with native English speakerIn order to improve your English speaking skills, it is best to find a way to communicate with native English speakers. Sometimes this is not possible, depending on where you live, so if this is not an option then speak English as often as possible with your friends. You will all be able to improve by doing so.

These days there are options for speaking with native English speakers through the Internet, such as via chat rooms or Skype calls. Simply finding a friend, or teacher, who is interested in communicating with you in English for a certain period of time per day, or week, can greatly improve your skills.

Here is a nice site to chat with native speakers: or you may look at the list of chat websites here at

Reach Out to the Available Resources

reach out to available resources

A great tool for familiarizing yourself with the English language is to use your resources and read or listen to as much English as possible. You can look through magazines, read books, newspapers, watch movies, TV, Youtube videos and use many other resources to help with English.

The great thing about these resources is that they use grammar in the correct way and teach you to become familiar with unique concepts. It is easy to speak broken, or incorrect, English and not be corrected in English classes, especially if our teacher is not that good at English to begin with. However, printed words (like those found in newspaper, books and magazines) are always written in the correct form.

They are lots and lots of English learning website available online. However, this is the one I found that it is friendly and very helpful website

Reading Books

Reading books is perhaps the best way to develop your reading and writing skills. USAroom-ReadingThis is because there are English books available for all levels of learners, ranging from the basics of English to more complex and difficult reading skills.

A good tip to improving your writing is to take a lot of notes and to keep a diary. A diary is a personal book where you write your ideas and thoughts. The more frequently that you write in your diary, the more your English writing will improve. Read what you wrote out loud to yourself when you are done writing and make any corrections if something does not sound right.

Starting with children’s book is nothing to be shy about. It is a great tool for learning how to read properly in English. The way that the books are written makes it enjoyable and they come in a wide selection of subjects (such as science, stories and more).

These books typically come with pictures, which help you understand the story and the words without needing to check their meaning. You can keep advancing from children’s books until you can pick up any book in the library and read it properly.

Here are a branch of online book that you can read it for free.

Watching Movies

watching moviesListening to English being used correctly is very important. We copy what we hear, so if we keep hearing something being said in the wrong way then we are more likely to mimic it. If you can find news shows in English, movies, TV programs or anything where English is spoken, it can dramatically help your English listening skills.

One of the best things about movies and TV shows is that, nowadays, they are often offered with subtitles in many languages. This makes it easier to hear what is being said in English but understand their meaning in your own language. When you feel that you have advanced, make sure to turn off the subtitles so you do not become reliant on them for better understanding.

You can watch all the thing you want (or part of it) on

Watching News

watching newsEnglish news uses advanced vocabulary and proper sentence structure. Simply watching the news and repeating what they say out loud can help you develop your speaking skills even further. It also helps you to have a topic of conversation when you are speaking to your English-speaking friends, since current events are common to speak about.

You can find news from Australia, the United Kingdom, America and other countries. While watching these you will notice that each country has their own way of speaking, otherwise known as a accents. The BBC is perhaps the best starting point because they use clear English and is easier to understand than other accents.

You can read all the newspaper in the world here at

Buying an Eng-Eng Dictionary

It is a good idea to buy a vocabulary book to use as a resource. It is even better to have a longer, more detailed vocabulary book to use at home but a smaller, pocket book version to carry around with you. This makes it easier to learn new words and find the appropriate way to use them, especially when you are stuck in conversation.

There are tons of free online dictionary sites online. You can also buy a hard copy of brand new dictionary or the used one at low price at Amazon.

Remember that learning English is not as difficult as it first seems, especially with the right tools and practice. Some rules of English are funny and even English speakers don’t know why they use them. If you don’t know a word, ask. Taking the necessary steps to improving your English will have a huge affect on your future.

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