As an International Student in the United States of America

studentaThe moment I stepped on the soil of United States of America, I felt all my lifelong dreams will be fulfilled now. The happiness and excitement were far beyond anything I could imagine or anything I could explain. All my life I worked hard to earn this opportunity so I can live in this country and visit all the wonderful places that I once saw in my favorite Hollywood movies.

My early days in the States were spent with a wonderful local family. I can bet that I haven’t come across much more genuine and generous people other than the people of this country. Before my arrival, my host family had already bought tickets to visit a nearby cowboy town that offered the history about the rich cowboy culture in North and South Dakota. This way, I had my first trip sponsored by my lovely host family.

After ten days, I moved into the dorms and my academic routine started. But, I was still planning about how and when I could visit the wonderful places that I wanted to. The problem was I had only one year to live in the country because the scholarship I was awarded required me to return to my homeland after completing the degree. So, in this limited time I wanted to explore America as much as possible.

There were enough breaks during the semester that allowed me to leave my college and have that much-needed fun. Sitting among my friends, I discussed my desire to go to California and to my utmost happiness, most of them wanted to join in the fun. The problem was California was quite far away from my state of North Dakota so none of us could afford that expensive air ticket. None of us owned a car so we decided to travel by bus.

We booked our tickets online at the official website of the bus service which cost us half the price of the air ticket. We had an almost one-day journey with a number of stops on our way but it was all worth it. Trust me! There is nothing better in the world than traveling with a group of friends. It is more like added fun at low expense. The hotel we lived in was also booked online prior to our departure from our city. In order to save more money, six of us stayed in two rooms with three sharing each. The trip is still etched in my memories as the most exciting I ever had.

After resuming college, I found myself again imagining and planning a trip to Florida in the Christmas break. Being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, the sole purpose of this trip was to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. This time around my friends had plans with their families because of Christmas so I had to work out a plan alone.

One of my friends gave me a fantastic advice of bidding for the tickets online at least a month before the time of travel. Can you believe it the $500 ticket actually cost me $230? Though, it’s a gamble as you sometimes get lucky and sometimes the bid only gives you the chance of saving a few dollars from the actual price. But, it is worth a try.

For newcomers especially those who cannot afford a car, there are many easy ways of traveling within the city and also around the country. They have the most efficient system of transportation that is very cost effective for students like me. Just know a few tricks like sharing rides with friends and online bidding and you are good to make some amazing traveling memories in the United States of America.

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