Tips for International Students Living in USA

USAroom-Chat with native english speaker1The USA is the largest hub for international students as it accommodates around 800,000 foreigners who come here to study. Statistics show that all the institutions of higher education consist of around 4% of international students. They come here to broaden their horizon, achieve academic excellence and experience a rich campus life. Education in the USA gives you a chance to have a brighter future and career prospects.

The different degree programs offered here ensure flexibility and are bent on a student participation method of teachings that enhances their confidence and chisels their personality. However, adjusting in the USA for foreign students may be a difficult task so here are few tips for helping international students: 

  1. Learn Common Phrases

The books and guides teach you a very formal version of the language which is not usually spoken in colleges and universities. If you want to interact with locals, then the best way to do so is to learn the slang terms and common phrases used by them. You need to research about them by yourself and if you come across a phrase that is difficult to understand, then never be hesitant to ask what it means. This way the locals will think that you are taking an interest in what they are saying and they would want to socialize with you.

  1. Participation in Co-Curricular Activities

The university culture in the US supports extracurricular activities which make it mandatory for you to participate in such activities. You need to participate in various clubs and groups that train you for such activities and help you interact with other team members. This helps you settle down and adjust to the culture of the universities. Thus, it is advantageous for two major reasons firstly, it helps you make friends and secondly, it facilitates greatly in adjustment.

  1. Classes are a great way to interact.

Teachers encourage class participation as well as group discussions as a useful method of interaction and learning. This helps you interact with the local students and form a greater bonding with each other. It broadens your scope of participation as well as understanding. You should utilize such opportunities to be able to settle easily in the environment and help you become more active in the classes and learn easily. This will help international students become more active in both the learning and socializing processes. The other students, as well as teachers, can get to know them better.

  1. Befriend local as well as other international students.

It is not only important to interact with local American students but it is also helpful to socialize with other international students because it will help you grow together. They are also experiencing the same feelings, have the same fears and need to face similar challenges so it is very helpful to interact with them. You get to solve each other’s problems in a better way and you make friendships that are longer lasting as well as reliable.

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