Earn hundred of dollars using online Ebates

I earn money almost every time I shop online using a totally free website.

Sound too good to be true, right? I was skeptical when I first learned about cash back platform Ebates. I first heard about it through a friend who’s been using Ebates since 2010. She’s a very conscientious shopper and told me that she’d saved over $1,200 since she started using the platform.

And since discounts from Ebates come in the form of a check or Paypal you receive a few weeks later, it feels like you’re making money after you shop.

Once I heard that, I had to give it a try.

After using Ebates for about a year, I’m a total believer. I’ve saved almost $100 just by adding a few extra clicks to my online shopping process.

Ebates 1

Here’s how it works.

Anytime I want to shop online, I head to the Ebates website first. You can also download their app for shopping on your phone.

Ebates shows you all the stores where you can save money and exactly what percentage of your purchase will translate to cash back. The savings fluctuate, so be sure to keep an eye on your favorite stores for the best deals.

For example, right now shopping at KOHL’s will earn you 8% cash back.
Ko EB23


Click the orange “Shop Now,” button and you’ll be directed to your chosen retailer.

You’ll see a notification letting you know that your Ebates shopping trip is being opened.

Ko EB2


From there, you’ll shop just as you normally would, but with the added benefit of knowing you’re saving some of your hard-earned dollars.EB13

Ebates cash back is paid out quarterly in “Big Fat Payments.” Since my “Big Fat Payment” typically arrives  months after I’ve made a purchase, the check is often a welcome surprise, as I’ve long since paid off the original purchases.


Though the platform doesn’t exactly make you money for shopping, using it will save you money.

For example, last winter I found myself in need of a new coat to keep out the chill on my daily commute.

I found a coat I liked on Nordstrom.com priced at $289.00. Using Ebates, I got back 10% of the total price, saving me $28.90.

ebates 2


It’s not a perfect platform. Sometimes I’ll completely forget to go to Ebates before I shop online and then I miss out on using it entirely. They do offer a browser extension that will pop up and alert you when you’re on a website where you can use Ebates, but I didn’t like the constant notifications whenever I’d visit an online store.

Even though not every shopping trip warrants major savings, I still think Ebates is worth using. My last purchase was worth only $5.34 in savings, but even small amounts definitely start to add up after a few months. 

Last but not the least is Ebates Promotion for 2016 : Sign Up for new member get $ 10 Cash Back Free. Don’t forget to take it also!! ^-^

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