How To Find A Cheap Hotels In The U.S

Cheap Hotels in USIt is easy for us to assume that the prices given by hotels are at a fixed rate, however there are many ways to save a significant amount of money on hotels in the U.S. The prices can change dramatically depending on the source that you use to book a hotel. The first stage to finding a good hotel at a desirable price for your budget is to use various sources such as TripAdvisor, or comparison sites, to find out the best deals on hotels that are highly rated.


It is recommended to not trust the star system that is used to rate hotels as that typically reflects the hotels facilities instead of the quality of their service. Star systems are incredibly varied and can give mixed results, since they are often dependent on reviews. Comparison sites allow you to enter information for the room that you require, which generates a list that sorts hotels by rate. Trivago is a well known website for these situations as well as EBookers and Expedia. These websites are also famous for having special limited offers. Those that use TripAdvisor should do so in order to widen their search of hotel options and rates, however it should be kept in mind that the reviews can be forged or inauthentic.


Once you have decided on the hotel, it is best to have a look at the hotels promotions and to check if there are any special rates at the time you wish to stay at the hotel. Some hotels offer early booking discounts as well as several night deals, which comparison sites may not include in their service. There are three renowned websites that make it easy to compare rates. These are Trivago, Travel Supermarket and TripAdvisor. They make it easy to compare and narrow down searches, as well as save information on hotels that you are interested in. It is advisable to use the website Hotels Comparison in order to confirm that you are getting the best rate. The website might not have all hotels listed but it does provide an extensive list of options.


One thing to watch out for during online bookings for cheap hotels in the U.S is to check the day room tax rate. Sometimes the tax rates are so high that the discounted rates are insignificant in comparison. Not all websites list this information so it is best to contact the hotel directly via phone or email in order to get the full details. It is also common for hotels to disguise the true total cost of the booking until the final confirmation page. Sometimes this is not the case and you are shocked with the additional costs at the front desk of the hotel. Most rates on comparison websites also exclude taxes from the price, so it is advisable to know the true final cost before making a booking.

Another thing to watch out for are rooms that are labeled “on request.” This means that the provider has asked the hotel for the room but that the room has not been confirmed as available as of yet. If you have an option between an “on request” room or one that can immediately be confirmed then it is advisable to choose the latter.


Those who want to stay at a good accommodation but for much less than famous hotels are better off searching for a hotel that’s name is not well known, since they tend to offer much better prices. The first option for finding these hotels is to list your budget or star level range and make selections from there. Some reputable hotels choose to list their available rooms as “unnamed” in order to save their reputation from regular customers whilst allowing their empty rooms to be used for a much cheaper fee.


When it comes to the United States the best website for finding all around deals is to use Travelocity, whose services also extend to Canada and areas in the Caribbean. Travelocity covers the best hotel deals in the states and provides information such as reviews, star rating and general location. The hotels listed here are top hotels and the website refrains from listing the hotel name until confirmation has been made.


It is best to choose a number of options and eliminate options from there. After searching for “secret hotels” through Travelocity you can select a new tab and begin a search for regular hotels on the dates you intend to stay. View the results by using the star system and have a look at the regular hotels, matching up the star system and reviews for the unnamed hotel. It should be quite easy to find a few matching options. The hotels that have been shortlisted are worth searching on TripAdvisor for further reviews.


Keeping your travel dates flexible is another way to reduce the cost of hotels, since many hotels offer better deals during off-season. If you are still planning to travel during high season then it is recommended to book a hotel for one of the weekdays instead of the weekend in order to receive better rates. If you must stay during the weekend then the best deals can be found in the business districts of your desired destination. The hotels in these districts tend to be busiest during the week and offer desirable rates during the weekends. They are quite convenient since they are located near various transportation options as well.


Some hotels offer an upgrade to a better room at no cost if the booking is made at a certain time such as early evening. Hotels do this when they are aware that the better rooms are still not booked and choose to upgrade new reservations without additional costs. Memberships also make it easy to receive upgrades or eventually free hotel stays. Various programs for rewards are often available through banks and airlines. Even though it might not seem like much, finding a hotel that offers free breakfast can end up saving some costs for food, as well as free coffee or kitchen area.


Regardless of the method that you choose to book a cheap hotel in the United States, it is recommended that you carefully consider the options and always read the fine print in order to make the most of your booking.

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