Prepare yourself for culture shock in the U.S.

Little_Indian_Culture_Shock_coverThere are several ways to prepare yourself for culture shock in the U.S. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the studying and living circumstances that you will be facing during time there.

Gather the information

It is also good to speak with someone that lives in the country already and to pick their brain for information about life in the states. Those that are attending university are often given information from the university that is meant to help with adjustment to the country.

If you have any questions about the move, and anything related, then it is recommended that you contact the Office of International Students in order to receive a detailed reply.

To overcome culture shock

Overcoming culture shock can happen in a number of ways. The best attitude to develop for entering a new country is to stay open-minded. This means refraining from assuming that anything foreign is incorrect or undesirable. When there is no judgment it much easier to observe others, and to develop further understanding of the new culture.

While it can be easy to make assumptions and to interpret new behavior, it will only prolong your culture shock. Try not to take offense to anything and to understand the ways that people go about things in the United States instead of making comparisons to how people behave back home.

Explore your new place

Getting to know people in your new place is a great way to overcome Explore your new placeculture shock. You can ask respectful questions, visit events and use the newspaper in order to get to know more about the area.

It is a common reflex for those who are dealing with culture shock to want to return to what is familiar, such as by communicating extensively with family and friends back home. This only makes the homesickness harder to deal with and gets in the way of getting comfortable in your new setting.

Take part in activities

When it is possible it is advisable to have a break off studying by taking part in various activities. There are plenty of events available at university, regardless of what you are interested in.

Once you are comfortable with an individual, or a group of people, it is a good time to find out more about the social customs in the United States. People are eager to teach you about their way of life if you ask in a way that shows you want to understand and accept it better. You can also talk about your life back home and fill people in on your customs in order for an exchange of information to take place.

Have a little room for your own culture

Having bits of your own culture and keeping in contact with it will also help with culture shock. While it isn’t recommended to constantly be speaking solely to those back home, it is recommended to interact with other students from your country.

Keep healthy

Make sure to have good diet and exercise in order to be physically and mentally able to handle culture shock. Those that are feeling quite low should be able to express themselves, whether it is to other students or an advisor from the International Student Office.


Another unique tip is to write out a list of the things that you enjoy and don’t enjoy about your new life in the U.S. If there are items on the list that you yourself cannot change then it is better to change your attitude about it. Make new friends

Despite all the emotional ups and downs of culture shock it will help significantly to have a sense of humor about it all. This new experience is not meant to be understood in its entirety right away and that is perfectly acceptable.

Have a laugh by yourself and with new friends, who will appreciate just how hard you are trying to get use to their culture and way of life in an understanding and nonjudgmental way.


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