Tips For Buying Car Insurance In The USA


insuranceObtaining car insurance is a necessity for international students who wish to drive an automobile during their time in the US. An International Auto Insurance policy can be issued by a number of insurance agencies. The most reputable agencies include State Farm and Geico. In order to receive car insurance, international students are required to have a valid international driver’s license from their home country, which must be shown to the insurance agent upon application.


The typical type of car insurances that is available to international students is a short-term type. This is due to the fact that the holder is not a U.S citizen, making it impossible for the insurer to gather any driving history or records. The insurer is not aware of the types of regulations and laws that are used in the applicant’s country of origin. It is necessary to make sure that the student has a valid international license before they leave their home country. It is also advisable for the student to make sure that they have taken care of all warrants or fines in case the insurance company does a background check.


Many colleges and universities are able to help international students with these types of issues. They will be able to guide students with finding the right provider for insurance. It can be difficult for international students to search on their own for an insurer that does not require the applicants to have at least three years of previous driving experience in the US. It is possible for some insurance companies to consider the amount of time the student drove prior to their arrival in America.


International students that are interested in purchasing a car in the United States should carefully consider the type of car they purchase. The amount that car insurance costs directly correlates with the type of car. For example, a new sports car will cost much more to insure than a car that is already 10 years old. Older cars are more advisable for international students, especially those on a tight budget


The insurance coverage for older cars is significantly cheaper and it will also cost much less to purchase an entirely new car is the previous one is extensively damaged in an accident. Renting a car is a popular option for international students. In the case of rentals, insurance policies are already taken care of by the rental company and students are only required to pay the rental costs.


It is worth noting that international students who purchase a car from a dealer will not be able to drive the car without car insurance proof. It is illegal to drive a car in the United States that is not covered by insurance. Those that do drive without insurance will be ticketed and required to pay a hefty fine.


Car insurance in the states is meant to protect its owner against any damages or losses that may occur during theft or an accident.


There are many insurance companies to choose from so there is no need to worry if the university or college cannot help with a recommendation. It is best to make a comparison of the different options for car insurance companies in order to find the best deal out there. One of the best websites for comparing car insurance costs is

Consumer Reports is an extensive website that lists the varieties of car insurance options, along with plenty of useful information. Make sure to select car insurance companies that do not reprimand international students. This is easily done by finding out if the bargain deals and cheap options are only available to those that have driven in America for a period of three years minimum.


It is a necessity to make sure that one chooses collision and comprehensive coverage, instead of solely liability coverage. While liability coverage is a good start, it covers the minimum of what a car insurance policy should cover. For example, if an accident were to occur, the liability coverage would only cover any property that is damaged during the accident, along with the passengers.


Collision, on the other hand, covers the necessary repairs that can occur during an accident. Comprehensive coverage helps the owner to regain losses if a car is badly damaged during an incident that is not a crash, or in the event that the car is stolen. The best coverage for international students should encompass all of these policies in order to make sure that there will not be extensive costs if an accident should occur.


It is also advisable for international students to do some research on the area that they will be using the car in. Some cities, neighborhoods and areas are more prone to certain types of scenarios; such as theft. Knowing more about the area that the car will be used in can help the buyer to make a well-informed decision regarding their car insurance policy.


Fixed rates are great for international students. Some car insurance companies provide fixed rates for a certain duration of time. This means that the rate will not increase, regardless of whether an accident occurs or not. IT is best to make a number of comparisons and find a car insurance company that has a fixed rate for the longest length of time.


Another bonus tip for international students who plan to purchase car insurance in the U.S is to have an international driver’s license that is valid for at least half a year after their intended period of stay. This helps to ensure that one is getting the best deal in terms of car insurance coverage and costs.


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