Adapting to the American Lifestyle

It is easy to get impressed by a foreign lifestyle through travel websites. It is easy to think about living in a new lifestyle when seen through the eyes of television shows and movies. In the practical life, a completely different lifestyle can be overwhelming to adapt to. However, it is not that difficult to adjust. The best way is to gradually let yourself in. it is better to know about how people act first.

Family Life

Typical families in America are based on four to five members. Mostly both parents are employed. Children are sent to community schools and colleges. Kids usually work part time in vacations. It is an activity encouraged by parents since it boosts self-confidence and impendence. Families usually like to get together for special occasions like thanksgivings and Christmas. It is considered a healthy thing to get relatives together in one place.


Time is an important resource in developed countries like America. The life is fast and often there is not enough time to push for more. Americans like to do things at their specified time. Therefore, people accepted to meet deadlines and arrive at a place on time. it is not considered a good habit to be late. Many activities are pre-planned and a little misplacing of time can disturb the order of things. If you plan to move to America for spending most part of your life, then you must get used to being conscious of time.

Social Life

Even though Americans mostly lead a busy life but the social scene is also very active. Nightlife is often full of concerts and movies. A part of the population also spends time clubbing. Not all clubs hold the negative image that is commonly known. Social life is not only restricted to night time. During the day, you can attend museums and art galleries. Parks are also a great part of American life. Many people take to reading and walking in the park.

People of opposite gender are quite open with each other. Not everybody is in a relationship, many are just friends. If you come from a different background where such relationships are not accepted, then you must learn to adjust to the greater one deals like we do!

America is a democratic country. People have a freedom of speech but different people can have varying definitions of that freedom. Tolerance is promoted habit in this country. In any foreign culture, you might come across traditions and activities you might not like or support. However, acceptance, tolerance and humanity are considered good qualities in any culture.

Some social ethics are to be also followed. For example, people don’t like visitors that they are not expecting. It is encouraged to take a gift or house warming item when visiting someone, especially for the first time.

America is a country of varying culture hosting immigrants from many backgrounds. The best way to live a peaceful life, it is recommended to learn acceptance towards people belonging to all cultures. It takes time but it is not impossible.



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