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Why Study in the US when Deciding to Study Abroad?If you have a vacation period coming up or are planning a trip, there are many ways to save money by finding cheap flight options in the US. The cheapest flights are typically found during the later part of spring and the earlier part of autumn. Summer and winter are peak times for traveling due to vacation and school holiday periods, however prices significantly increase during these times.


The states feature a rather large selection of flights and airlines to choose from that cater to North America. Some of the well-known low cost airlines are AirTran, JetBlue, Southwest and Spirit. The following information in this article lists some tips and tricks that can help you book a ticket for a much cheaper price than full airfare.


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Being lenient with your dates for traveling is a must in order to take advantage of cheaper flights. Prices for tickets can change depending on the weekday, season and if it is during a holiday period such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Fourth of July or Thanksgiving.


It is typically cheaper to choose a flight day in the middle of the week instead of the weekends, since many more travelers are interested in flying during this time. It is cheaper to fly before or after a holiday period instead of during. Also, finding flights that are either very early in the morning or late at night tends to affect the price as well since not many travellers are interested in these options.


It is best to have a look at the schedule of the flights and browse through the other days of the week, or month even, in order to find the cheapest options. This can end up saving you even a few hundred dollars, just by changing the day of departure. There are some websites, such as Kayak, Skyscanner and Whichbudget, which give you the option of searching for cheapest routes after you choose the airport you would like to fly out from. This is a great tool for those that don’t have a particular destination in mind but simply want to see their travel options and go where it takes them.

3 Star Budget Hotels!It is typical for large cities to have a secondary airport that deals with smaller operations, which is where a number of the budget airlines operate from due to cheaper costs. A good tip for finding cheaper flights is to check which ones operate from the smaller airports as this can save quite a bit of money. It is almost always cheaper to use budget airlines than the better-known airlines. While your flight will probably involve fewer freebies, such as inflight meals sometimes, it will greatly reduce the cost of the ticket.


However, when you are searching for airlines that operate out of smaller airports, be sure to check exactly how far and accessible it is to the heart of the city. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper to arrive at a major airport than it costs a lot to reach the city center via transportation from the airport.


Aside from being lenient with the time and date of your travel, being flexible in your destination is another advantage to gaining cheap airfare. It is also good to keep in mind that direct flights almost always cost more than connecting flights, due to the inconvenience it can cause to passengers schedules. It is ideal to find a combination of airlines and routes to reach your destination whilst saving money. Though this method is definitely more time consuming, it is also more budget friendly.


Daily Deals in Washington DCGrab the cheap tickets when you can. What you see one day can easily change once the day has passed, or even after a matter of hours. If you have a desired amount to spend then make sure to make the purchase once the price is within your range, otherwise the opportunity may be lost.


It is common for people to use tried-and-true websites for finding discount flights, as many Americans tend to use Orbitz or Expedia. However, these are often controlled by the airlines themselves and, whilst looking like a deal, actually aren’t. Therefore it is best to find a search option that has no ties to the airline and that depends on advertisers to keep their site running.


Those that are good at budget flying know it can take several search engine attempts to find a great deal, which aren’t commonly displayed on the first page of major websites. Also, a search website that worked for you for one deal might end up being competed with another site in another time. This is perfectly normal and the reason that a significant amount of research should be conducted.


Students are eligible for more discounts via sites such as STA Travel. The only requirement is to have valid and current proof of student identity. This is also a great tool for families that are traveling with children and want to save where they can. Don’t dismiss travel agencies as they can be some of the most helpful resources out there and can give you a varied list of options for airline rates.

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