Public Transport in the USA

IMG_1951If you are a newcomer to the USA, then many travel guides will inform you that public transport is not that popular in the USA. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Public transport has been rapidly growing in popularity since almost last eight years. More Americans are turning to use public transport with each passing day.

Being a newcomer in such a big country can be quite overwhelming. Getting around from and to different places can be exhausting. However, it is not that difficult to get hold of public transport.

Types of Public Transport in the USA


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The taxi is more common in big cities than small ones. Taxis are more commonly found near hotels and airports. In big cities like New York and Washington, taxis can be hailed from street corners. Taxis can also be hired by calling at taxi companies. These companies are registered and run taxis with licensed drivers. Taxis are usually yellow in colour with Ford being the common model. The taxi is a comfortable car which can easily fit two bags in the trunk. Payment plans are structured. As soon as you start your journey, the taxi meter will begin.

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Commuting Locally

Bus and train services are available in most cities. However, buses are more common than trains. If you find a system in your area, then the best way is to purchase tickets from the driver beforehand. These tickets are distributed on a daily basis. Buses run between cities. Major bus companies include Greyhound and Peter Pan.

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Travelling by train in USA cities can be a little expensive. Trains can take a long time and most Americans don’t like travelling such long distances. If you hail from a background where travelling by train is common, then it might not frustrate you as much as it does the locals.


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In most of the Asia, travelling by airplane is a sign of luxury and is quite expensive. However, in America, aeroplanes are preferred over other sources of travel. Aeroplanes are booked in advanced as this way you can enjoy some reasonable deals. One of the best things of airlines in America is last minute deals. Regular airlines prefer that they travel fully booked. For this purpose, they offer to give seats at a lower rate.

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Airlines in America offer better service than any other public transport available. It offers better connectivity, more comfort and quicker service.

Many newcomers are concerned about security while using public transport. However, America is a place with hospitable locals and public transport drivers are found to be friendly with newcomers. Maps and directions are easily available if you lose your way. America is a big country and even locals make use of maps. If you have trouble reading maps then locals are always helpful. Streets are usually marked with easy to understand directions and number of miles. Different states are connected with back roads as well. These back roads are devoid of heavy traffic and the scenery is great.

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