Top 5 New York Attractions

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The city of New York is beautiful. It is a monumental and a glamorous city to look and spend time at. The New York City is one of the places in the world that are best for vacations. This city has a lot to offer to everyone, from youngsters to the old people. This is a place that gives you a life time experience to cherish and memories that you can take with you on your way back home.

New York City is one of the best place for sight-seeing. It has various attractions that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Following is a list of places that you should see:

Times Square: is located in Midtown Manhattan. It is a commercial intersection at the junction of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. It is also a neighborhood. This intersection is an adorned intersection that is always busy and crowded. Times Square is referred to as ‘the Heart of the World’ and ‘Crossroads of the World’. Times Square is also the center of the entertainment industry.

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Liberty Enlightening the World: is the site that has been seen by most of us in films or seen in magazines. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular attractions in New York. The statue stands on the Liberty Island in the New York City. This statue is a neoclassical huge sculpture. This massive sculpture that is now a sight that everyone wants to see, is a gift that France gave United States of America. The statue is a symbol of freedom, values and independence.

Empire State Building: is one of the most famous attractions of New York. It is located in Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. Empire State Building is a skyscraper that has a 102 stories. This skyscraper stood to be the world’s tallest building for at least forty years. The building provides a sweeping view of the outside.

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Wall Street: is a street in New York that is seven miles long, runs on East River from Broadway to Southeast in the lower financial district of Manhattan. The street is stock exchange house filled with brokerage houses and major banks. Though the financial market has been chipped away somewhat to other areas, ‘Wall Street’ is still referred to as the street of financial markets. And, it is the Wall Street that made New York be regarded as most powerful city economically.

Brooklyn Bridge: is one of the oldest hybrid cable-stayed bridge. This bridge was completed in the year 1883. The bridge joins the districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. This was the first bridge that was made of steel-wire suspension. It is 1595.5 feet long. The previous names that the bridge was given and called by were ‘New York and Brooklyn Bridge’ and the ‘East River Bridge’.

To reiterate, New York is indeed a place to visit and look around. It has attraction that were built in the past and have history attached to it; still stand today the same way with their heads held high.

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